The Assistant Environmental Health Officer (AEHO), a.k.a. the Penolong Pegawai Kesihatan Persekitaran (PPKP), was known as the Health Inspector (H.I.) or Inspektor Kesihatan (I.K.) prior to the year 2002. Whilst the H.I.’s roles and functions focused on public health, the AEHO’s roles and functions were expanded to include a wider scope of responsibilities in environmental health. The late 20th. and early 21st. centuries saw many unfamiliar and new challenges, that were unprecedented in history, in both the public and environmental health fields. Numerous natural and man-made disasters caught many napping. These include issues of public health concerns, such as, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and the nuclear fallout in Fukushima, Japan. Emerging diseases, such as the Nipah Virus infections, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Avian flu, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) caused by a novel coronavirus, Zika, and the like, have caught the health authorities unprepared. Many re-emerging diseases are posing greater challenges to healthcare providers and services. READ MORE
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Environmental health is one of the professionals that responsible in protecting the safety and health of public interest. Their duties varies depends on the unit and coverage given by the authorities. Click images below to understand more about Environmental Health.

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In order to maintain the highest standard of Environmental Health Professionals in delivering their duties, we equip the candidate and current EHO with comprehensive quality curriculum and experiential learning in healthcare facilities.
This program run by more than 30 academic staff with various field of expertise. CLICK HERE to find out our professionals. Our updated curriculum enable upcoming EHO to perform in the future needs of public health challenges. CLICK HERE to learn more about our structure.
Field Placement
Our program focus on quality field trainings which enable candidate to hands on experience the knowledge gather in classroom to be practice in the field. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Research & Publication
We continous producing quality candidate together with the evidence base practices that translate from research into publication and practices. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Professional Trainings
Our program offer numbers of short courses with aimed to equip current EHO with updating knowledge and skills. CLICK HERE to register and join our short course.
Graduate Trainings
We offer competitive placement for any medical and allied health professionals who interested to enrol in any of our graduate courses. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Alumni & Job
Our networking with previous graduate was amazing that enable the new EH professionals to seek new work opportunity. This website act as platform for job finder related to environmental health. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Student Chapter
Explore our student chapter activities with Non-Government Agencies (NGOs), corporate and government agencies.
Networking and Collaboration
Our program affiliate with International and National bodies related to environmental health. Our partners include MAEH, Malaysia Epidemic Intelligence Program (EIP) and IFEH.

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Meet the people that manage this program. Click this LINK to our professional directories
Jaffir@ Jaffri Hashim
Jaffir@ Jaffri Hashim

Head of EH Program

BSc (Env Health), RSH

Muhammad Norhanizam Harif
Muhammad Norhanizam Harif

Senior Lecturer [Environmental Technology]

BSc (Hons) UKM

Lim Ban Dang
Lim Ban Dang

Senior Lecturer [Epidemiology]

Dip (Env Health), BSc (Hons), MSc (OSH)


Senior Lecturer [Law]

Dip (Env Health), BSc (Hons) UPM, MSc (Env Health)

Masdila Johari
Masdila Johari

Research Manager

BSc. (Hons) UKM MSc (Env. Health)

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