In-house Professional Trainings

We offer professional training that aimed to increase knowledge and skills among public and environmental health professionals in delivering their duties in the field. This short courses design to equip the professionals with the theoretical and practical elements of environmental health field including (but not limited) as following:

  1. 2 – Days Course
  2. 3 – Days Course
  3. 5 – Days Course (1 Week)
  4. 1 – Month Course

List of professional trainings can be found out below. Please be informed that our training package will be held in the ILKKM Sg Buloh facilities with the collaborative partners namely as MASHTA (Persatuan Pengajar Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu Malaysia) and MAEH (Persatuan Kesihatan Enviromen Malaysia). All trainings will be delivered via classroom approach with the practical hands on experience. If you

To learn about our list of short courses please click below link:

  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics (Days)
    1. Geospatial analytics for epidemiological application – Introduction (3)
    2. Geospatial analytics for epidemiological application – Intermediate (3)
    3. Geospatial analytics for epidemiological application Advance (3)
    4. Time Series Model for Disease Prediction (2)
    5. Regression Analysis (Linear) (2)
    6. Regression Analysis (Logistic) (2)
    7. Environmental Modelling using Environmetrics Technique (3)
    8. SPSS Data Analysis for Epidemiological Research (4)
    9. Network Analysis for Outbreak Investigation (3)
    10. Epi – Info for Rapid Outbreak Investigation (3)
    11. Sentiment Analysis for Rumours Investigation (2)
  • Law Enforcement (Days)
  • Environmental Exposure and Analysis (Days)
    1. Exposure sampling for outdoor air (3)
    2. Exposure sampling for water (3)
    3. Exposure sampling for indoor air (3)
  • Food Hygiene and Safety (Days)
  • Generic Courses (Days)
    1. Website Creation for Health Promotional Package (3)