I am very honoured to express some thought for this Learning Management System entitled myenvironmentalhealth.com. I would like to extend my appreciation to Environmental Health Program and their dedicated team for their part to gather, compose and produce a platform for online learning.  The MOH Training Institute Sg Buloh applauds their pioneering effort in designing the platform and contributing all the coursework materials.

While  still in its infancy, I hope this platform will provide benefits such as the ability to easily record lessons and revisit them when necessary, as well helps less tech-savvy students to adjust to a digital world by placing a reliance on technology rather than pen and paper. While the traditional methods and tools of teaching and learning will most likely never go out of style, we do have a generation that is being engulfed by an increasingly digitised world. This quickly evolving world will likely require basic tech literacy in the same way the ability to read and write is necessary.

As this is our very first platform for the Learning Management System for students of Diploma in Environmental Health and Advance Diploma Applied Epidemiology and Disease Control (Communicable Disease) [ADED].  The platform utilise a student-oriented and fun learning approach that integrates theoretical and clinical skills, in line with our newly introduced Objective Based Education.  It is our aspiration that this platform will facilitate the nurturing proactivity, a useful traits in the workplace.  As this platform is thus very timely, I hope it will become an asset to the Program of Environmental Health.

Thank you.

Mizhar Hj. Mazlan
ILKKM Sungai Buloh